Thank you for considering supporting Mohau Child and youth care centre- 

The biggest need remains financial donations for the ongoing running of the centre, for day to day expenses such as salaries, insurance, petrol, motor vehicle expenses, repairs and maintenance etc. All donations, no matter how small are greatly appreciated.

Sponsoring of a child expenses is also available, please contact the centre for the available options and necessary forms.

We also greatly appreciate all donations of items such as toiletries, cleaning equipment, food, stationery etc. Please contact us for a list of current needs.

In addition, you can consider the following interactions:

  • Take a few children on an outing. There are many children in the home who never go anywhere other than to school or hospital.
  • Provide funds and take a few children shopping for clothes. It is so important for institutionalised children to have opportunities to make their own choices.
  • Take a few children to a restaurant and help them to read a menu and to order for themselves.
  • It is better to receive a gift from someone you know than from a stranger- build a relationship with one or two children over time by visiting them and then providing a gift for Christmas or a birthday.
  • When taking photographs during outings or events, do it with the child's permission and do it for the child - in this way you can contribute towards creating a memory book for the child.
  • Our volunteers are available to assist  you with outings where possible

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