Mohau Centre opened in 1997 as a residential care facility for children infected with HIV/AIDS.

The children's home was started as a result of the perceived need for care of orphaned and abandoned children who are HIV+. The need was especially experienced at Kalafong and Pretoria Academic Hospitals as it was there where babies were often abandoned by their mothers who were infected by the HIV virus. Mohau Centre is adjacent to Kalafong Hospital.

It later also became clear that there is a need in the Greater Pretoria area for a residential care facility for children who might not be infected themselves but may be affected by the Aids pandemic and therefore the Centre was urged to admit children irrespective of their HIV status. A decision was taken to open the Centre for all children although preference is still given to HIV+ children.

The centre was initially registered for 35 children. During 2004 the organisation purchased a house in Kilner Park, a residential area on the north eastern side of Pretoria, to start the first satellite house for the children’s home. The registered number of children was then increased to 45, an extra 10 children housed in this new facility.

As the need in the community for social services increased Mohau Centre expanded its services by adding community based social services. The focus of these services is to strengthen and empower families in the community who are unemployed, HIV/AIDS infected/affected and with social or emotional problems through participation in community development projects.

Mohau Centre, as a result of its close proximity to Kalafong Hospital, is often approached to assist with food parcels and clothing for patients who are destitute. Mohau Centre contributes to poverty alleviation by community development projects and we also run a secondhand shop for the poverty stricken families who cannot afford transport to go to town or even afford new clothes. The shops sells goods at a very low price.

Please watch this video by a volunteer on Mohau